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NDEO provides members with recommendations for resources that support our mission to advance dance education centered in the arts through our NDEO Recommended Resources. The
Resources Review Division oversees this member service and is informed in making selections.


  • Promote new as well as tested educational theories and/or practices to support change and growth in the pedagogy of dance education centered in the arts;
  • Contribute to a cogent body of literature on the pedagogy and practice of dance education centered in the arts;
  • Advance the integration of the National Core Arts Standards in Dance into pedagogical practice as appropriate to the intended audience; and
  • Address the pedagogical needs and/or practices of its intended audience;
  • Present the content in a manner that is conducive to use by its intended audience.
Resources listed on the Recommended Resources page have been reviewed by the NDEO Director of Resources Review and Committee Members.

NDEO Recommended Resources

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Submission Criteria


How to Submit to the Recommended Resources Page

As this is a member service, NDEO accepts submissions only from NDEO members and encourages its members to submit their published work for listing. Prior to submitting a Request for Review of a Resource by NDEO, please review the Resource Review Submission Criteria, the criteria used to evaluate submissions for listing.

After you complete and submit the Resource Review Form, you will receive an automatically generated response acknowledging receipt of your request. The Director of Resources Review will inform you if the resource meets the criteria for listing.