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Listed below are the guidelines to submit information regarding events calendar items, news articles and job opportunities.  The menu column on the right provides links view the most current information.




Events Calendar listings are limited to those applicable to teaching or learning dance in the arts and have as their primary objective professional development, e.g., conferences, workshops, master classes.  All active individual and institutional members of NDEO are encouraged to submit announcements of professional development programs for the Events Calendar.  Please note that performances are not included in the online Events Calendar, but may be distributed via the Events Forum by emailing on the link to the right to view the entire Events Calendar.


How to Submit Announcements to Events Calendar


Email Events to and include vital information for your event such as:

  • Who: Sponsor/Presenter and target audience
  • What: Title of event and content to be covered
  • When: Date(s), time(s)
  • Where: Full venue address including zip code
  • How: URL for the reader to be redirected to your own website where the Event may be fully described 



News is non-Events Calendar items of interest to NDEO members: for example, notable state affiliate, student chapter, or individual member activities such as awards, honors, new job appointments, accomplishments, obituaries; and reports of local, state, or national policy decisions or advocacy efforts that affect dance education in the arts.  All active individual and institutional members of NDEO are encouraged to submit News announcements. Click on the link to the right to view all News announcements.


How to Submit News Announcements

Email News to and include the following information:

  • Subject Line: In the subject line of your email, write a header (100-characters maximum) that you wish to lead your posting;
  • Summary:  Write a descriptive summary (250 words maximum) of your News item. You can also include a website URL so that the reader can be redirected to an external site where they might read/learn more about the news item.
  • Photo:  If available, include a single, high-quality photo to accompany the News item. Save photo as a separate JPEG file (please do not embed photos in Word or PowerPoint). Send as an email attachment.
    • Digital Photo Requirements: Minimum Size: 200 x 175 pixels - If the photo you'd like to submit is too small, do not try to increase the resolution. Instead, just send the best version you have. The easiest-and best-option is to send the original, unaltered file created by your digital camera. Maximum Size: Whatever size your email program can accommodate as an attachment. 



Job announcements are limited to those in the fields of dance and arts education and can be for any population including private studio, PreK-12 public and private, post-secondary, performing arts organizations, conservatories and community/recreation/outreach programs. Members and non-members can submit job announcements of interest to NDEO members free of charge. Click on the link to the right to view all current Job Opportunities.


How to Submit Job Announcements


Email Job Announcements to and include pertinent information for the position:

  • Position Description
  • Qualifications
  • Application Guidelines and Deadline
  • Starting Date
  • Salary
  • Contact Person (name, email, mailing address, telephone)
  • URL for the reader to be redirected to your own website where the announcement may be fully described
  • Job announcements may be included in the body of the email or sent as an attachment in the form of a Word document.


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