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Dance NCAS: Standards, Resources, & Supporting Documents 

  The links below contain PDF versions of the National Core Arts Standards in Dance. To view and engage with the interactive version of the Standards, visit the NCAS website here.

Anchor Standards  

Anchor standards describe the general knowledge and skill that teachers expect students to demonstrate throughout their education in the arts. These anchor standards are parallel across arts disciplines and grade-levels and serve as the tangible educational expression of artistic literacy.1

Click on the Standard to download a PDF version. 

        Standard One  Standard Seven 
        Standard Two  Standard Eight
        Standard Three            Standard Nine
        Standard Four
Standard Ten
        Standard Five
Standard Eleven
        Standard Six

Model Cornerstone Assessments (MCA)

In education, what is chosen for assessment signals what is valued. In other words, the evidence that is collected tells students what is most important for them to learn. If it is not assessed, it will likely be regarded as unimportant. Sample model cornerstone assessments are provided within the standards to illustrate the type of evidence needed to show attainment of desired learning. This idea is key to backward design; for example, the assessments bring the standards to life by illustrating the demonstrations of desired learning and the criteria by which student performances should be judged. Standards-based curriculum and associated instruction can then be designed “backward” from key assessments that reflect the desired outcomes.2

Click on a grade level to download a PDF of the MCA.

         Grade 2
         Grade 5
         Grade 8
         High School - Proficient in Dance
         High School - Advanced in Dance
         High School - Accomplished in Dance

1NCCAS, National Core Arts Standards: A Conceptual Framework for Arts Learning. Last modified February 18, 2014.
2NCCAS, National Core Arts Standards: A Conceptual Framework for Arts Learning.



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