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Upcoming Dance 2050 Virtual Think-Tank Meeting:  Sunday, November 8 from 6-8pm EDT
Register HERE - All Sectors Welcome 

Dance 2050: A ThinkTank for Dance Education invites NDEO members who are invested in proactively visioning the future of dance education in all sectors. Guiding questions will draw from the Dance 2050 Vision Document  and branch out to the current discussions in the field of dance. 

This Virtual Meeting will be conducted in Zoom utilizing breakout groups.  Participants can utilize the audio/video capabilities of this platform to actively participate in discussions.  

Facilitators: Donna Davenport, Robin Lakes, Susan Lee, Kelly Lester, Stephanie Thibeault, and Stephen Ursprung


Question 1:How do we expand the definition of technique to be more globally inclusive and decentralized away from ballet? (Not as a rejection of ballet, but as a "yes, and" discussion)

Question 2:As we bravely consider racist aspects of the dance curriculum within our own environments, what actions do we take to make change?

Question 3:How can we find meaningful ways to utilize technology in dance education to deepen learning, broaden understandings, and reimagine pedagogy?

Question 4:  What can the Dance 2050 Community do to support classroom teachers, dance educators, and school leadership and parents to keep the body present through movement and art making during the Age of Covid?

Free Webinar: 
Widening the Dance Circle: Envisioning a Collaborative Future  - Recorded live on Wednesday, 8/5/20

Dance 2050: A Think Tank for Dance in Higher Education

Now familiar to hundreds of dance educators, “DANCE 2050” refers to a think tank for dance in higher education that is sustained by the National Dance Education Organization.

The Vision Document for DANCE 2050 was written collaboratively in 2013, following retreats at Temple and Wesleyan Universities, and later ratified by a group of conference participants in Chicago in 2014. A two-page Executive Summary can be read here.

Since 2014, a dedicated group of individuals has met each year to generate an open, critical dialogue about the future of dance in higher education. Each year, a different theme drives the colloquy with the intention to engage new voices. A few volunteers across the country continue the inquiry, moving thinking into the next year.

More than a special interest group, these post-secondary dance professionals form a collective of imagination and mindful analysis, to identify the cultural changes that inevitably precipitate new definitions of dance as art in higher education.

The goal of this think tank is to disseminate forward thinking, to integrate dance knowledge, technology, and diverse body practices, to drive progress and positive change in higher education, not to be reactive to forces outside the field of dance.
--Donna Davenport, August 2019

Dance 2050 Annual Meetings
Dance 2050 holds annual meetings on the pre-conference day of the NDEO conferences. The meetings include brainstorming on topics related to the conference theme and ways to disseminate and evolve the Dance 2050 Vision Document, as well as reports on activity during the year related to Dance 2050 themes and initiatives. The meetings are open to all interested in dance in higher education. To attend the meeting, select the pre-conference session listed in the NDEO national conference bulletin. If you are adding the session to a previous registration, email

2020 - Information Coming Soon!

2019 Dance 2050 Annual Meeting

DANCE 2050: Changed Contexts, Media, and Mentoring in Choreography
2019 Annual Meeting Agenda

Since 2012, Dance 2050: A ThinkTank for Dance in Higher Education has gathered annually to craft a vision for the future of dance in higher education and to propel dance as a leader of change within education. This year’s convening features 1) reports and follow-up from this year’s work in sharing the vision with students, dance educators, and administrators; and 2) discussions about choreography and art-making in higher education. The Dance 2050 Vision Document and current work in the field guides our processes in the classroom, and as leaders and choreographers. This year’s discussions will delve into embracing changes in how we mentor choreographers, what we see and produce on and off the stage, how we include “community,” expectations of cultural diversity, the effects of technology and inter/multi-disciplinarily on definitions of “dance,” etc. New participants to Dance 2050 are welcome!