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OPDI Program OverviewOPDI

NDEO’s Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI)™ offers online dance education courses featuring pedagogy, teaching methods, history, assessments, research and much more. OPDI will benefit the vast majority of dance educators, teaching artists and administrators who are working in private studios and schools of dance, community and cultural centers, higher education, and K-12 education seeking professional development. The courses are designed to appeal to those professionals who want to learn more, enhance domains of knowledge, learn new content areas, and strengthen their own teaching and learning skills.

OPDI Is...

  • Accessible. All courses are taught online in a 24/7 asynchronous style allowing students to work on their own schedules. OPDI courses are designed for all dance professionals regardless of their teaching setting.
  • Affordable. Course fees range from $200 (4 weeks) to $520 (12 weeks.)
  • Flexible. A student may take as few or as many courses as they wish toward their own professional development goals. Professors work with students to provide flexible work completion schedules as needed.
  • Prestigious. Students may earn a NDEO Certificate in Dance Education upon the successful completion of 33 units of OPDI coursework.
  • Rigorous. Courses are taught by national experts and courses are rigorous. Students earn NDEO-endorsed Continuing Education Units (CEUs) upon successfully completing courses. Some OPDI courses may be taken for CEUs from an accredited postsecondary institution, undergraduate credits, or graduate credits to fulfill employer or local education agency (LEA) requirements.

Who Should Take OPDI Courses?

  • Dance educators with a minimum of three years of teaching experience working in K-12, higher education, dance studios, community and cultural centers, or as independent teaching artists.
  • School Administrators.
  • Dance teachers looking to pursue lifelong learning, highly qualified teacher (HQT) status, a pay raise, an endorsement in dance beyond certified K-12 area, or retaining current certification.
For more information on how OPDI might benefit you, please call 301.585.2880 or email