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RDE Begin your Application

Basic Application Criteria
The RDE application program is on-hold while the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts (PTSDA) and RDE are undergoing a review and revision process. We hope to finalize revisions in Spring/Summer 2021.
In order to successfully become a Registered Dance Educator, you must meet the following criteria and complete the RDE online application.
  1. Minimum of 10 years teaching experience as a dance educator
  2. Completion of OPDI-101: Introduction to the Professional Teaching Standards for Dance Arts* (12-week online OPDI course that begins on February 12, 2018)* or test out by permission of the instructor
  3. Successful completion of a professional portfolio. RDE applicants are highly encouraged to take OPDI-201: Portfolio Development Using the PTSDA* (12 week online OPDI course that begins in Summer 2018) if they do not already have a professional portfolio aligned with the Standards.
  4. Ongoing current membership in NDEO
In your application, you will be asked to submit proof of the above, your completed professional portfolio, a 15 minute video of  you actively teaching and assessing dance, two letters of recommendation, a resume/CV, a bio, a 500-word essay, along with detailed information on your current teaching assignment and dance teaching, training, performance, administrative, service, and leadership experiences. Please note that you cannot email or mail in this application but must submit it online using the Acceptd platform.  Acceptd is a trusted partner of NDEO providing online application and adjudication software.

*For more information on NDEO's Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI) and the two online courses (OPDI-101 and OPDI-201), click here.

Application Fees (Special Introductory Offer)

Application Part 1: $75
Application Part 2 and Submission: $225
OPDI-101: Intro to PTSDA: $500*
Portfolio Review with OPDI-201: $500* 
NDEO Membership: Fees vary

     How do I prepare my application?

Questions on whether the RDE is right for you? Contact

* Test-Out option for OPDI-101 and OPDI-201 is $100 each. You must have submitted Part 1 of the RDE application and paid the Part 1 fee of $75 before you will considered for a Test-Out .