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Current Registered Dance Educators

In order to maintain your RDE status, you must maintain a current membership in NDEO, serve as a peer reviewer on new RDE applications when necessary, and submit annual documentation providing evidence of continued professional development in dance or dance education of at least 10 hours or 1 CEU. Professional development may include, but is not limited to, multi-day conferences, workshops, webinars, online or in-person courses, technique classes, presentations, or professional service to national/state task force committees. You must submit documentation of professional development via the online RDE Professional Development Form.

This year the form is due by July 15th and will cover all the dates of July 2018 to June 2019 (past 12 months).

Deadline to complete the Form is July 15, 2019

Dance educators who had previously been awarded the RDE credential prior to NDEO taking over from Elsa Posey will be grandfathered into the program as long as they have a current NDEO membership and they complete the 10 hours of 1 CEU of Professional Development and fill out the RDE PD form - due once a year in July. The professional development activities do not have to be hosted by NDEO, however, proof of activity will be required in the form of an uploaded document such as a receipt, schedule, letter, Certificate of Attendance, or CEU certificate. 

If an RDE lets their NDEO membership lapse and does not complete at least 10 hours of professional development ever 12 months (July to June) and fill out the RDE PD form, they will be dropped from the RDE program.