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Latest News from NDEO

OPDI Spring 2022 Semester - Open for Registration  | 15% Discount Offer Until 12/9/21

NDEO’s Online Professional Development Institute (OPDI)™ offers online dance education courses featuring pedagogy, teaching methods, history, assessments, research and much more. OPDI will benefit the vast majority of dance educators, teaching artists and administrators who are working in private studios and schools of dance, community and cultural centers, higher education, and K-12 education seeking professional development.   View Info on Courses

JoDE Call for Papers Special Issue | Deadline Extended to 11/18/21

Theme:  Dance Education for Children and Youth: Our Future as a Field. Children (infant-adolescent) and youth (adolescent-18 years) are the future of dance education. If we look to the teaching and learning of dance for children and youth in PK-12 schools, private studios, dance organizations, and communities, we can gain insight into future dance education trajectories, such as what the needs for higher education might be and possible directions for professional dance. While this Special Issue is not specifically about the global COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on dance education, the pandemic has undoubtedly shaped research, scholarship, teaching, and learning in dance education, and therefore, manuscripts that reference the pandemic are welcome. Learn More about the Call

Results from 2021 Board of Directors Election | Congratulations!

Congratulations to the NDEO members who have been elected to the Board. We thank those who took the initiative to run for a position and we thank all those who took the time to vote! NDEO Private Sector Special Interest Group (SIG) Name Change to Independent Sector was approved. Meet Your New Board Members

Love Your Body Week (LYBW) | November 14 - 20, 2021

NDEO invites all individual participants and chapters of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts (NHSDA) to join us in celebrating "NHSDA Love Your Body Week" - a national campaign to encourage body positivity and celebrate all the wonderful things our bodies can do.  Teaching from a body-positive perspective should be a priority for all NHSDA host dance programs year round. Learn More about LYBW 

Why You Should be Using Anatomy in Your Teaching | New Behind the Curtain Blog Post

NDEO’s Guest Blog Series features posts written by our members about their experiences in the fields of dance and dance education. We continue this series with a contribution by Kendall Baab, MSc., a Personal Dance Trainer and Dance Scientist. Do you ever have a dancer that you just can't figure out how to teach? They can't increase their turnout, they can't lift their leg higher, and they can’t stay on a high relevé. No matter how many corrections you give, it just doesn't seem to work. They’re the same age and experience level of another star student in class, so why aren’t they keeping up?  Read the Blog

How Can We Honor Student's Creative Voices | New Behind the Curtain Blog Post

NDEO’s Guest Blog Series features posts written by our members about their experiences in the fields of dance and dance education. We continue this series with a contribution by Tamara Irving, an educator in Atlanta Public Schools and consultant with TMI Design & Consulting. Have you ever reflected on the following questions when thinking about your students? Are there many students in my class who actually don’t love to ‘dance’? How many dancers would rather be in the background than the light? How am I adding rigor to my course this school year, while making it applicable to dance?  Read the Blog

Social Distancing in Creative Movement Class | New Behind the Curtain Blog Post

As the U.S. slowly opens up again, creative movement teachers will crave activities that keep each little dancer in their own separate space. Here are some ideas, offered by "Teacher Terrel," who fine-tuned her curriculum over decades teaching thousands of young dancers. Sidelined by COVID-19, she partnered with her daughter—a professional ballerina—to create Once Upon a Dance, with a mission to keep housebound kids connected with movement. These are kid-tested and approved activities, mostly for use as a supporting activity after warm-up and technique sections.  Read the Blog