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The Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index




About the DELRdi



The Dance Education Literature and Research descriptive index (DELRdi) is an index of literature and research from 1926 to the present that informs teaching, learning, and future directions of research in the field of dance education. It contains extensive descriptions of several thousand literary works including theses, dissertations, journal articles, conference proceedings and other documents from over 200+ different publications, more than 150 university dance programs, many organizations, government agencies, and individuals. In addition to providing basic citation information, the DELRdi provides detailed descriptive information on the methodology, techniques, and characteristics of the literature documented in the index. Full text of a document is included when permission is granted by the copyright holder. The DELRdi is the culminating product of a three-year research project supported by the United States Department of Education (2001-2004).


There are multiple ways to search the index:

  • Citation information--author, title, year, location, publication, publisher or university
  • Content from 20 US education issues, 14 dance populations served, and 27 areas of service
  • Research methods and techniques
  • Essential research characteristics
  • Keywords


With access to the DELRdi, students will be better equipped to fulfill class assignments, and prepare their papers and projects; dance education professionals will be better informed in the writing of grants and proposals; faculty will be able to augment curriculum design and professional research.



Individual NDEO members receive unlimited access to the DELRdi through logging on to NDEO's website using their username and passwords.

Via IP addresses NDEO offers DELRdi access through annual library license subscriptions to university library systems for unlimited numbers of computers within the university community.  Trials are available. For information or to start a trial, e-mail


Subscription Fees


Institutional Library License. Unlimited computer access 24/7. $850.00 per year. 30 day free trial available.
Individual single subscription is available as a benefit of NDEO membership.


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